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KCC Engineering and Contracting Co (KCCEC), established in the year 1967, was initially named the Kuwait Controls Company. Started in Kuwait as a trading, engineering, and contracting firm, the company has developed itself as one of the Kuwaiti State’s market leaders. The company has managed to open its branches in Qatar and UAE over the years. KCC Engineering And Contracting Co claim its potential lies in four main areas: Human Resources, Alliances, Equipment & Materials, and Facility Manufacturing. The company has successfully delivered numerous large and medium-sized projects in areas such as civil works, electricity, mechanical engineering, instrumentation, pipelines, control, automation.

Available Positions in KCC Engineering:

Apply E-mail: info@kccec-Intl.com

We are trained in the production of the following services and products:

• Management of Projects

• Repair Activities

Design and development

• Renovation & modify

• Material purchase

• Works to shut down maintenance

• Design & Construction

• Service Warranty

• Testing and Commissioning   

• Training 

• providing manpower

As a contractually licensed company, KCCEC believes in continuously providing the best solutions to all its customers. This has boosted its industry reputation and made it a preferred choice for numerous oil companies and government establishments such as PIC, CTC, KNPC, MEW, KOC, and MPW.

Latest Projects:

Upgrade to Sheik Jaber Al Ahmad Al Subah roadway:

Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Affairs, and Urban Planning ENGINEER: PARSONS GLOBAL SERVICES LTD. P.O. BOX 5790 Manama, Bahrain Kingdom.


The works include two bridges at Nuwaldrat and three bridges at Alba Interchange and the rehabilitation of asphalt, a new road of approximately 337,700 square meters, varying from 2 to 5 lanes, and the construction of slipways at Jaber al Ahmed Al Subah Highway and Hardwar Highway.

The workshop contains both bridge and approach:

  • RCC Cast in Situ Piling
  • Cap Pile, Abutment & Pier
  • In situ box girder pre-stress post-tensioning cast
  • Approach MSE Wall and RCC Slab
  • Parapet fencing 

Works in Earthworks and Asphalt:

  • Drainage, lighting
  • Internal & Outer Coating.
  • Street lights
  • Line TSE functions

Highways & Travel:

  • Earthworks, Road Lighting & Paving – Sh. Highway Jaber Al Subah Al Ahmed
  • King Hamad Highway – Earthworks, Path, Paving & Signage
  • Earthworks, Path, Paving & Signage-Highway Al Estiglal
  • Al Mouskar Highway, Earthworks, Path, Paving & Signage
  • Earthworks, Lane, Paving & Signage-AvenueM15, Refinery Avenue, connecting lane to Bapco.

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