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In August 2005 KSA’s Saudi Aramco and Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical agreed to form a 50:50 joint venture in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia to build a petrochemical complex. The undertaking is called PetroRabigh. A refinery operated by Saudi Aramco is already on the 3,000-acre site where the building took place.

The current refinery sits in the middle of one of the largest integrated petrochemical complexes in the world. The original topping plant has been upgraded to include a vacuum distillation unit, vacuum gas oil hydrotreatment facility, and alkylation/isomerization facility.

PetroRabigh started construction for the petrochemical manufacturing complex in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia at the end of the first quarter of 2006. Completed and opened on 8 November 2009, the complex has a combined capacity of 18.4mtpa of high-value petroleum-based products and 2.4mtpa of ethylene and propylene derivatives.

The project needed an estimated $10billion investment. In June 2008, Saudi Aramco updated its estimates to include funding for phase two of Dow Chemical’s PetroRabigh plant to be constructed.

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Project Management contract to US Jacobs:

The US company Jacobs has earned a contract from Petro Rabigh for Feed and PMC services in Saudi Arabia to upgrade the fuel oil projects.

The plant, called ‘Bottom of the Barrel,’ located in the west of the kingdom, transforms oil residue stream from the method of crude distillation into more valuable goods.

Jacobs said in a statement that it plans to hire 200 full-time workers to provide Feed and Project management construction work for the scheme over a two-year period.

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